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StressLess - Psychologies

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Learn to bring calm into your everyday life by creating your personalised StressLess course, filled with exercises and advice to help you manage your time, master your feelings and communicate assertively and calmly. Discover our helpful tips to lower pressure in stressful situations with our StressLess Emergency Kit. Neutralising stress is a process that contains several steps. That is why the StressLess Premium app consists of 4 coaching sessions to practise day after day, following a true training programme. It doesn’t take long – just five minutes a day is enough to gain the secrets to a calmer life! Coaching session 1: Lower the pressure Stress is a poison. You can feel this when you experience it and you want to neutralise its toxic effects. To do this, we’ve devised a special coaching session to help you find peace both mentally and physically. On the syllabus: exercises and advice on changing thought patterns and body language. The final result: a calmer everyday life and more balanced relationships. Coaching session 2: Manage your time Is it urgent, important or both? Discover our methods to prioritise your tasks and also make time for yourself. Coaching session 3: Regulate your feelings Are you an ‘emotional sponge’? Take our test and follow our advice to stop being overwhelmed by your feelings and other people’s. Coaching session 4: Communicate serenely Can you say no? How do you handle criticism without taking it personally? Apply our exercises to express yourself calmly, but firmly. With this app, you will: · Have the tools of your StressLess Emergency Kit on hand · Learn, practice and improve whenever and wherever you want · Test yourself with our ‘challenges’ About the author: Flavia Mazelin Salvi has been a journalist with Psychologies magazine (France) for more than 10 years. Specialising in psychology and in personal development, she has written several books on Zen, published in France by Les Presses du Châtelet.